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 Life can be confusing and complicated, cant it? Through every stage of life there are challenges. Maybe you're dealing with money issues, health concerns, or major life transitions like school, marriage, divorce and retirement. In all phases of your life questions come up that require resolution with real answers. Here at "Tinley Park Psychic Center" we specialize in all matters, and find the answers that you have been seeking. Come in for a reading about your concerns and get peace of mind today.
We specialize in "Palm readings"
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"Tarot card readings"

Astrology & Numerology Readings  
"Chakra readings & balancing"

Chakra, Reiki, Balancing  
                                    Two Palm Reading $25
Including 2 questions the Palm Reading will bring insight into your present regarding career and love, not as detailed in other matters as the Tarot Card Reading would be.
                                  ( 5 - 7 minute reading)
                             Tarot Card Reading $45
The Tarot Card Reading will reveal the mysteries of your past and how they affect you today, what it is that is holding you back from career, love, friendship. Also picks up Love and Career. Tarot Cards are extremely accurate and very descriptive!
                                      (10 - 25 minute reading)
                               Psychic Soul Reading $60
The Psychic Reading is a combination of all the readings above including full life New Age Reading as well as the full Tarot Card Reading. There are unlimited questions in the Psychic reading and there is no time limit. Tells you everything you need to know about Past Present and Future. The Tarot Cards are a big part of this reading. Soul-Mate connection & Love Life Reading.
                                  (10 - 60 minute reading)     

                    Spiritual Healing & Energy Reading $125 and up

Spiritual healing is done through meditation that allows your psychic to channel through your energy to see past, present, & future. Where all these negative energy impurities are lurking, how they got there, and how to remove them.  Soul-Mate connections & Love life reading.

                                   (60 - 120 minute reading)


Our Services Include: Palm, Tarot, Pet Psychic, Medium Readings, Aura Healings, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Readings, Crystal Healings, Reiki Work, Astrology & Numerology Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Love Life Readings, Soul-Mate Connection Readings

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