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Tarot Card Readings & How they work

There are thousands of psychics out there. Psychics who are clairvoyant, mediums, generational psychics, etc. Each psychic is different yes, but every psychic uses a tool to help tap into the clients energy. Here at "Tinley Park Psychic" we use tarot cards.

Tarot cards are an ancient tool. Going back to the mid 1500s. They became very popular in Europe as people would use them to play card games with. In the early 1600s people began to use them for divination purposes.

The tarot cards help to reveal one's past, present, & future. Each person is different, and each card is different. Each card that is drawn represents a different aspect of your life. It may the "lovers" card. Representing a love in your life. It may the "ace of cups" card. Representing fortune financially to be around you. We are experienced psychic readings who have been studying the art of tarot for over 25 years.

The tarot cards allow us to pick up on your love life, career, business, health, financial forecasts, and much more. Tarot cards also allow us to tap into the energy of others around you. For example if you have a questions about a lover or friend, all we need is there name and date of birth and the tarot cards will reveal the answers you seek.

The tarot card readings can be anywhere from 15-60 minutes long. Depending on your energy, age, and any questions you may have. The tarot card reading is $45.00.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call or email us. Contact information can be found below.

All readings are private and confidential. There is no recording allowed.

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